Friday, February 25, 2022

The first wave of media reviews for Disney's Starcruiser experience can't agree on whether the rooms are cramped or spacious

The Verge:

The rooms I saw were pretty compact, too. There’s space for a bed, a slide-out table, and enclosed bunk beds built into one of the walls. It looks to have leaned too far into emulating the space-sensitive designs of an actual cruise ship. I’ve never stayed in a $2,000-per-night hotel room, but I would expect a lot more than this.


The rooms are spacious


For cabins capable of hosting four, they've included older Star Wars era-inspired bunkbeds and a bed that pulls out from the wall -- but it will still be a tight squeeze unless you upgrade to the larger Galaxy Class Suite or Grand Captain Suite. 


Pricing for the fancier Galaxy Class Suite (which can accommodate four people) and Grand Captain Suite (which can fit up to eight) isn't immediately available on the website. Disney declined to comment further on those prices.

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