Tuesday, February 8, 2022

"several [Harvard] professors said they wished to remove their signatures" from the letter they signed on behalf of a disciplined professor

Boston Globe on a new lawsuit (this is the matter I mentioned on Sunday)

In response to the sanctions against [the professor], a group of 38 Harvard professors...rose to his defense, questioning whether his punishment was necessary.

Relying on a media report that discussed his warning the student about the travel in Africa, the professors who signed the letter questioned the implications for their own advisees.


But last week, the dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences...warned signatories of the letter...that they did not have all the information.


Tuesday’s lawsuit appeared to have caught some of the letter’s signatories by surprise. Reached by e-mail Tuesday evening, several professors said they wished to remove their signatures. 

(The article goes on to name the professors that are expressing regret.) 

(One troubling allegation in the complaint.)