Saturday, January 7, 2023

"The Showroom" is an upcoming immersive experience in Los Angeles about being trapped in an infinite Ikea with a murderer

You can buy tickets for shows starting in February or support the crowd funding campaign:
From the creators of Abandoned and Signals comes a new interactive experience set in the SCP Universe!

You have become trapped in the infinite IKEA, aka SCP 3008, and unfortunately a murderer lurks among us. They look like us and appear to think like us, but they are not like us. They are the first observed instance of SCP-3008-3, and the humans do not know who is the imposter.  

Enter The Showroom and help Foundation members and other trapped civilians solve a murder mystery before the murderer claims their next victim. Who is human and who is an SCP in disguise? Moreover, how do we define humanity?

Find out in The Showroom, Feb. 9th-Mar. 5th, 2023.

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