Thursday, September 12, 2019

"Police called to Scottish IKEA after thousands sign up for hide and seek"; A brief history of hide and seek at Ikea; Youtube personality arrested near Area 51

At some point on Saturday, staff at Braehead became aware of a Facebook thread suggesting some 3,000 youths were about to descend on the store.

As well as drafting in extra security, Ikea contacted Police Scotland, who dispatched five officers.

Throughout the afternoon, groups of youths who looked like they were only there for the game were turned away from the shop.

Fast Company:
Ikea has repeatedly asked people not to play hide-and-seek in its stores. And yet people keep organizing massive, thousand-person games at Ikea.

The first evidence of this trend dates back to 2014, when a Belgian blogger named Elise De Rijck coordinated a hide-and-seek meet-up at her local Wilrijk store to celebrate her 30th birthday. She created a Facebook group and invited her friends—but soon, thousands of people had joined the group. Ikea Belgium got wind of the plan and instead of squashing it, offered Ikea’s full support, including extra staff and security to host the event. From the photos that still circulate online, the event was a riot, replete with people hiding under bins and beds all over the store.


Ikea hide-and-seek has become a *thing*, as evidenced by countless YouTube videos where “adults” are sneaking around to play unofficially.
The two men who were arrested for trespassing onto the Nevada National Security Site have been released on $500 bail, according to Nye County Sheriff's Office.


[The men] are from the Netherlands.


[One of them] told the police he was a YouTube personality and police saw cameras and a drone inside their vehicle.