Sunday, February 12, 2023

An enjoyable article for anyone that feared Spotify would destroy the podcast ecosystem


In January, Spotify pushed out [its chief content officer] and canceled nearly a dozen shows at its highest-profile podcast investment, the studio Gimlet. Podcasting was a “big drag on our business in 2022,” the company’s chief revenue officer said earlier this month.


[The chief content officer]’s biggest editorial bet, however, was on Hollywood talent


[The chief content officer], the owner of several NFTs, was also intent on creating an expensive Bored Apes Yacht Club podcast.


In 2021, Gimlet’s biggest hit show Reply All imploded following internal uproar over unionization and a series on the Bon Appetit test kitchen. (One source for this story warned me not to focus on the saga, which has seemed to curse anyone it touched. The drama at the test kitchen resulted in the cascaded into the firings of higher-ups not just at Conde Nast, but also at Gimlet, after Reply All’s coverage of the mess. It then proved divisive at the New York Times, whose coverage of the affair was a terse compromise story. For fear of bad karma, we won’t linger here.)

(That article might be a "compromise," but it's not terse.)