Saturday, February 11, 2023

Canada's women's national team say they called off their strike because Canada Soccer threatened to sue them

Toronto Star:
As with the men, it’s both astonishing and entirely predictable that Canada Soccer let matter reach this point. Canada Soccer issued its own statement, in which it said it had issued a retroactively payment to the players; The Canadian Press reported it was $1.7 million, which the players were asking for. Presumably, that covers off the part about immense uncertainty about compensation, though the players said late Saturday they had not been paid for any of their work in 2022.

But player compensation doesn’t address the budget cuts. The women are coming off Olympic gold in Tokyo, and the men are coming off their first World Cup appearance since 1986. And the cuts to both programs are so significant that sources familiar with the program say some staff are considering their futures with the organization. 
Even if the budget gap were filled, the men’s program funded a significant amount of its World Cup preparation with fundraising from private donors and those same donors are not connected to the women’s program.