Wednesday, October 4, 2023

A look at how buyer's clubs help scalpers claim premium concert tickets


“I am in the credit card churning community, and one of the things we do is take advantage of ‘manufactured spend’ opportunities,” which are opportunities to spending money on credit cards to earn points, without any risk, they said. “One of the methods of manufactured spend called ‘buyers groups’ and the basic setup is that you buy stuff the group requests (think iPhones, PS5s, laptops) on credit cards (and earn points for those purchases) and then dropship or reship to the group who (hopefully) pay you back and then resell the products.”


The tipster, who I agreed to keep anonymous because they did not want to get kicked out of the group, then added that a buying group that specializes in buying rare coins from the U.S. Mint and that has “recently branched out into reselling tickets.” They then forwarded me three emails sent by a company called PFS Buyer Club, imploring their users to register for Olivia Rodrigo’s Ticketmaster presale, and to let their ticket buyers login to club members’ Ticketmaster accounts and use their credit cards if they won a code.