Saturday, October 28, 2023

The deeply strange reason Berkeley students disrupted the game against USC today

I assumed it had to do with the middle east, but not at all--this article goes into salacious detail:
A growing group of UC Berkeley students has been staging a months-long protest campaign demanding that the university bring a suspended Spanish and Portuguese professor back to campus. They’ve shared testimonies highlighting how influential [she] has been both as a mentor and as a leading scholar at a school with few Latinx faculty.
But records obtained by KQED paint a troubling picture of what led to [her] suspension. Over three investigations, which looked into behavior that began in 2018 and continued through 2022, the university found [she] had repeatedly harassed, stalked and retaliated against ... an English and Comparative Literature professor at UC Davis, and then violated orders not to contact him.
[The Davis professor] has stirred his own share of controversy.
The Chronicle also has a write-up.