Monday, October 23, 2023

New York Magazine's list of the the 49 "Most Powerful New Yorkers You’ve Never Heard Of"

A look at the movers and shakers in politics, finance, and the arts. Language like this:

She knows how to dial up staffers’ insecurities to extract good work, but if she decides you’re a mediocrity, your career is pretty much on ice.

And businesses like this:

A few years ago, the owner of Freedom Cruises, ... received a letter informing him he had 24 hours to vacate his berth at Pier 36, just north of the Manhattan Bridge. Quickly, he came to the conclusion that Hornblower Group, another cruise operator, was after his spot and had enlisted the mayor’s office to get it. “They sicced the fire department on me, the health department on me; they went after my liquor license,” says [the owner]. “Hornblower has enough muscle that they can do whatever they like.”


Whether or not it’s sustainable is another matter. An audit by Comptroller ... in 2022 reported that NYC Ferry operations had somehow lost track of $224 million and that taxpayers had subsidized a stunning $12.88 of every ride in 2021.