Friday, October 20, 2023

Checking in with the Super 7 and Hasbro crowdfunding projects

Still time for these, but not looking great. With two days left to reach the early funding bonus, Super 7's Cobra Mothership project has 1,250 backers with the goal of 4,000 (I assume the biggest problems are a history of massively overpromising delivery dates, a lackluster early funding bonus, and there being a small number of people who have room for such a thing) (or maybe it was always about scalpers and those people have moved on) (interesting that they're starting to experiment with articulated 3.75" figures, tho):

With three days left total, Hasbro's Giant Man has 6,634 backers with a goal of 10,000 (I assume the biggest problem is there are very few sub-55-year-old fans that like the character) (I wonder how something more aesthetically interesting, like a Celestial or the Living Tribunal would have done):

And a third project that's already been funded on Kickstarter, and can be further supported on Backer Kit--Legends of the Hidden Force exploring the depths of the classic 3.75" G.I. Joe line with a low $24 buy in: