Saturday, October 7, 2023

Today's news and jokes

"genuine cause for celebration" vs. "you’d think some really, really, shockingly good news about the job market would give Americans’ spirits a boost. It won’t."


@swamp_ghoul Things you only think about in a museum and an operating room #emergencyalert #emergencyalertsystem #museumtok #museum ♬ Nostalgia. - Janneksplace

@ryrysoopafly Glad that I'm safe in case of an emergency 👷‍♂️🚿🦺🫡 #safetyfirst👍 #shower #oshaapproved ♬ Raining Blood - Album Version - Slayer


mans living in 2035

♬ Cyberpunk2077, Pt. II - Süleyman Pulat


Angry baby

♬ nhạc nền - ANNK

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