Thursday, February 22, 2024

Allegations that a San Francisco deputy public defender bought jurors drinks at a bar after they reached a guilty verdict

ABC describes in detail numerous allegations of misconduct by a San Francisco deputy public defender. Among them, after the jury found the defendant "guilty of Torture, Domestic Violence with Great Bodily Injury, Battery and False Imprisonment -- and several more felonies":

On the day the judge discharged the jury, [the defendant]'s attorney ... bought drinks for several jurors at this bar near the court house. One juror signed this declaration saying he "did not feel comfortable" with what "seemed like victim-blaming" by [the attorney] and some of the jurors.


According to the declaration, [the attorney] informed the jurors in that bar because of their verdict, [the defendant] "would be looking at a life sentence." After, three jurors wrote emotional emails asking the judge to be lenient,


[The Public Defender, the deputy's] boss ... did not address her buying drinks for the jurors, but did confirm she went to the bar with them, adding, "It is extremely common for attorneys to speak to jurors after a verdict to gather feedback on the trial"