Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Some good quotes by James Clavell discussing the level of historical accuracy in Shogun

From the NY Times review of the FX series:
It is sumptuously produced, mostly well acted and not excessively sentimental or sensational. If its story seems to stop and start a bit, there are reasons for that, which become clear in a satisfying and moving ending; if there are major characters who don’t stand up to scrutiny, there are others who come alive and hold your interest. It may not live up to its hype, and it may leave you wondering why so much time (more than a decade) and money needed to be spent reanimating Clavell’s tale. But it delivers.
(Assuming my memory of the book is right, I loved the advice that if you simply can't win, delay until you can.) (And the second way ninjas are used.)

Oh, one more thing: