Friday, February 23, 2024

The Cybertruck "has an uncanny mix of features that could make it an incredibly cost-effective militarized drone"

The Warzone:

it's Cybertruck's full 'steer-by-wire' capability that is arguably the most attractive feature in terms of turning it into a UGV. The vehicle has no mechanical linkages between the steering system and the driver's wheel. Driver inputs are interpreted by the computer and then sent to its four-wheel steering system


This is especially attractive for unmanned applications. Control inputs could be handled and applied without manipulating legacy mechanical steering systems that exist on every other production vehicle, allowing for seamless uncrewed integration. Commands would go right from the computer to the electrically driven steering system. 

And speaking of drones:

dramatic footage has come to light that shows Ukrainian FPV drone operators hunting for Russian armor inside a warehouse, exactly the kind of structure that one would think would conceal and thus protect assets from such attacks