Thursday, February 29, 2024

The iOS game Galaxy Mix - Planet Watermelon is a fabulously addictive, 99 cent match 3 game with physics

The score mode is already disturbingly addictive, and the zen mode let's you play forever.

Speaking of iOS games, FWIW:
[Apple Arcade] is now laser-focused on family-friendly games with big IP attached, supplemented by one or two new ‘App Store Greats’ per month, which are repurposed free to play games with ads and IAPs removed.
Existing App Store titles that are re-released as part of the ‘App Store Greats’ range of games are not paid for upfront, said one developer, and are only subject to bonus pool payments. This naturally benefits games with longer-term retention, but makes shorter narrative games and premium-style indie titles unlikely to earn a decent payback. This is why there’s been a slow purge of these types of games from the service over the last few years.