Monday, February 26, 2024

If you preorder Robin Sloan's upcoming new novel, you'll receive a bonus zine

From his latest newsletter (which features lots of great book recommendations etc):

I want to really launch this book of mine.


I have begun the design of a limited-edition launch zine intended as a reward for Moonbound preorders. This will only be printed once; it will only be available one way. 

(The newsletter has the email address to forward your receipt.)

From Amazon's listing:

It is eleven thousand years from now . . . A lot has happened, and yet a lot is still very familiar. Ariel is a boy in a small town under a wizard’s rule. Like many adventurers before him, Ariel is called to explore a world full of unimaginable glories and challenges: unknown enemies, a mission to save the world, a girl. Here, as they say, be dragons. But none of this happens before Ariel comes across an artifact from an earlier civilization, a sentient, record-keeping artificial intelligence that carries with it the perspective of the whole of human history―and becomes both Ariel’s greatest ally and the narrator of our story.