Monday, June 10, 2024

A harsh and extremely detailed review of the new Star Wars Outlaws demo


Having played Star Wars Outlaws for a good hour or so ahead of the Ubisoft Forward show, however, I've come away with a renewed appreciation for Jedi Fallen Order and Jedi Survivor. In fact no, a bit more than that - in comparison to Outlaws' admittedly early, work-in-progress demo, they stand as singular pieces of revolutionary high art. Outlaws' early gameplay feels positively ancient - not only mechanically but in execution, in its near total lack of character, flair, invention, detail, or style. In trying to describe it, the closest comparison I can draw is with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which launched in 2011 on the PS Vita.

(I found Fallen Order extremely easy to put down, with gameplay that was not fun and a story that was not intriguing)

PC Gamer:

Ubisoft has always been good at recycling the parts of its games that work, but in what I've seen of Outlaws, these adopted mechanics have been dulled.

Her jacket is very cool, tho, so it has a head start on Fallen Order: