Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Using AI cloning tools to defame someone for reporting on the rampant use of bots to farm items in Valve's Team Fortress 2


The most common types of cheats allow players to see through walls or automatically aim for headshots, both of which are now a problem in Team Fortress 2. 

But the botting problem is unlike anything else I’ve seen in another multiplayer shooter. This is when people use multiple virtual machines, each of which is logged into Team Fortress 2 with a different account, and software to control each of those accounts in-game. Some of these bots join matches and give just enough input so as not to be kicked out so they could farm items players passively earn while playing the game. Some bots are more aggressive, and are loaded with the same kind of cheats mentioned above, making any match they’re in unplayable to human competitors. 

After [a streamer] started calling attention to this problem and asking the community to pressure Valve to do something about it 2023, the people operating the bots started harassing him. They used samples of his voice from YouTube to create an AI voice model