Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buzz Lightyear Statues

A few days ago, Pixar employees who had been with the company for 10 years or more received a bronze Buzz Lightyear sculpted by Jerome Ranft, and employees with more than 20 years also received a Woody.

The full Quest for G movie

The ad is by TBWA/Chiat/Day and was directed by Tarsem.

Harbor siege chess set

Beautiful chess set by Mellington Cartwright on sale at Etsy.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Personalized Lego Minifig Business Card

Some Lego executives and public relations people get personalized Lego minifigs to use as business cards. Very clever, and it probably wouldn't be too tough to create some decals to make your own. Via these sites.

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*Order custom business cards at eBay.

Cartoon Network vinyl toys

You can see lots of closeups of these Ben 10 and other Cartoon Network character vinyl toys, called "Noods," here. Much better shape than the Mighty Muggs.

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*Buy Ben 10 toys at eBay.

Papercraft Justice League

Matt Hawkins created papercraft versions of Hawkwoman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green Lantern, and the Flash. Superman is reversible, and can also be Bizarro. The paper toys will be available at Arby's this summer. Relatedly, Matt's book "Urban Paper: 25 Designer Toys to Cut Out and Build" is 32% off at Amazon.

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Lego Freddy Kreuger

Lego Freddy Kreuger by Matt "Monsterbrick" Armstrong. He also created a Lego Jason Voorhees.

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Video of the fish with the see-through head

This is the Pacific barreleye fish (Macropinna microstoma), and as you can see, it has a see-through head. Read about it here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Own Rasputin's severed hand

Alex CF's latest creation is Rasputin's severed hand:

The case contains the severed tattooed hand of Grigori Rasputin, and the second tattooed symbol of a star that sat over his heart. these fleshy totems are the catalyst for their work. The marking painted on the glass can be moved to suit the acquired code of the weaving. The vials above this contain the many poisons inflicted upon Rasputin. The two blue green glass vials contain the liquid esheridadae compound; injected into the heart and brain tissue. The aged illustrations of “esher chakra” - the gelling of Ernesto’s work and the ancient lore of words. This is research that made Rasputin not only legend, but more god than man...
Contact Alex CF to purchase or place a commission.

Prince of Persia and Farah amigurumi

Prince of Persia and Farah from The Sands of Time as amigurumi by Geek Central Station.

Spider/Jellyfish/Shark chimera

Disturbing shark/spider/jellfish hybrid by Tom Rhodes.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Retro Star Wars Poster, Up posters, Watchmen poster

60's style Star Wars poster by Russel Walks on sale for $30.

Origami Manticore (link roundup)

Origami Manticore by Chad Killeen.

Superman's Justice Jogger with Power Stepping Action!

This is apparently Superman's "Justice Jogger," also known as the "Overland Villain Chaser," and featuring "Power Stepping Action." There's a few on sale at eBay.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A 700-pound alleged drug dealer had to be transported to a New York court in a U-Haul trailer to be charged with various crimes


It was an unusual setting for a court proceeding: a 10-foot box truck backed up to the loading dock in the rear of the Historic Post Office in Auburn. Leone and a dozen other court personnel stood in the swirling snow for the 15-minute proceeding.


"I don't know what outcome our office will ultimately approve of, but gross obesity in and of itself is no defense," Valdina said after the arraignment.

Iron tree bannister


Rainbow shredder

By Chrissie Macdonald for Creative Review.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Toys from Pixar's Up

Here's photos of some of the upcoming toys based on Pixar's Up. You can see high-res shots here. The toys are by Jun Planning.

Papercraft Werewolf

Download this werewolf paper toy by Craig Mackay here.

Twister sheets

Viagra ad by Ogilvy & Mather.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cthulhu mask

Cthulhu mask by Bob Basset on sale at eBay.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Sports Illustrated 'airbrushed' Danica Patrick's tattoo, removing it from the small of her back for pictures in their recent Swimsuit Issue"

"The Swimsuit Issue emphasizes natural beauty," the spokesman told CNBC. "The freckles are left on and, in this case, the tattoos came off."

Friday, February 20, 2009

Darwin merchandise

By Mike Rosulek and are on sale on t-shirts and various other merchandise at Zazzle.

Photos from the Pixar 20 Years of Animation Exhibition

Photo gallery.

Watchmen Doomsday Clock

Watchmen Doomsday Clock on sale at Entertainment Earth.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lightning Bolt letter opener

Lightning Bolt letter opener and Demigod pot coaster by Greece Is For Lovers.

The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon

A grand mystery reaching back centuries. A sensational disappearance that made headlines around the world. A quest for truth that leads to death, madness or disappearance for those who seek to solve it. The Lost City of Z is a blockbuster adventure narrative about what lies beneath the impenetrable jungle canopy of the Amazon.

After stumbling upon a hidden trove of diaries, acclaimed New Yorker writer David Grann set out to solve "the greatest exploration mystery of the twentieth century:" What happened to the British explorer Percy Fawcett and his quest for the Lost City of Z?

In 1925 Fawcett ventured into the Amazon to find an ancient civilization, hoping to make one of the most important discoveries in history. For centuries Europeans believed the world’s largest jungle concealed the glittering kingdom of El Dorado. Thousands had died looking for it, leaving many scientists convinced that the Amazon was truly inimical to humankind. But Fawcett, whose daring expeditions helped inspire Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, had spent years building his scientific case. Captivating the imagination of millions around the globe, Fawcett embarked with his twenty-one-year-old son, determined to prove that this ancient civilization--which he dubbed “Z”--existed. Then he and his expedition vanished.

Fawcett’s fate--and the tantalizing clues he left behind about “Z”--became an obsession for hundreds who followed him into the uncharted wilderness. For decades scientists and adventurers have searched for evidence of Fawcett’s party and the lost City of Z. Countless have perished, been captured by tribes, or gone mad. As David Grann delved ever deeper into the mystery surrounding Fawcett’s quest, and the greater mystery of what lies within the Amazon, he found himself, like the generations who preceded him, being irresistibly drawn into the jungle’s “green hell.” His quest for the truth and his stunning discoveries about Fawcett’s fate and “Z” form the heart of this complex, enthralling narrative.
34% off at Amazon.

Obituary for Ben Blank, "Innovator of Graphics for TV News"

"When the launch of the first Sputnik satellite took Americans by surprise, in 1957, Mr. Blank created what is believed to be the first electronic animation by repeating camera shots of a rotating golf ball, which represented Sputnik, on the end of some coat-hanger wire; the wire was attached to a small rotating globe. For added effect he glued glittering stars to the black background."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New toys at the Big Bad Toy Store

Here are some of the cool toys now available for purchase or preorder at the Big Bad Toy Store:

New NECA TMNT figures.

Ghostbusters Minimates.

Dark Knight Returns Batman and Joker with new paint jobs.

Marvel Mighty Muggs Wave 6.

The smaller size Marvel action figures.

Wedding Invitations by Lillian Chan

Wedding invitations by Lillian Chan. See the entire package here.

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*Buy "Design for Special Events: 500 of the Best Logos, Invitations, and Graphics" at Amazon.

Eaten By A Bear sleeping bag

Eaten By A Bear sleeping bag by Eiko Ishizawa. Via.

*Previously: Angry Bear paper toy.

*Buy survival tins at Amazon.

Dragon, Storm Monster by Alice Duke

Dragon and Storm Bringer by Alice Duke. Visit her site for more monsters.

Dragon Blood by ~melora on deviantART

Storm Bringer by ~melora on deviantART

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*Buy Chinese dragons at eBay.

Groovy Nike snowboarding desktop wallpaper

Go here for a couple of groovy Nike snowboarding desktop wallpapers.

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*Buy Nike posters at eBay.

Video of a jumbo jet blowing people right off a beach (link roundup)

Video of a jumbo jet blowing people, right off a beach into the water. (Don't spoil this by telling me it's a known fake.)

And a few more links:

1. I didn't know there was a fake Canon blog mocking the company (the company gives its workers time off to have sex?). But I know about it now that it received a takedown notice from Canon's lawyers. Via.

2. If the Umbrella Academy's Spaceboy was fat.

3. I probably would have liked Pac-Man more if the fifth ghost had been "Cobra Commander."

4. Bowls of oatmeal with strawberry faces.

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*Preorder "The Umbrella Academy PVC Figure Set" at Amazon.

Food Chain Friends

Food Chain Friends plush monster set on sale for $50 here.

*Previously: Zombie food pyramid.

*Buy vintage monster toys at eBay.

Dark fairy tale-themed sculptures by Marlaine Verhelst

Dark fairy tale-themed creations by Marlaine Verhelst.

*Previously: Beauty and the Beast print ad for Meltin' Pot jeans.

*Buy fairy tale pop-up books at eBay.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre catalogue (link roundup)

The Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre catalogue looks to be full of cool automata. Via.

And a few more links:

1. Eighty computers have gone lost or missing from Los Alamos National Laboratory. I don't see how this could possibly happen without some sort of corruption. I work in a fairly large office, and people freak out if a chair goes missing. Via.

2. Super agent Scott Boras gets a bad rap for his tactics, but here's an example of one his college-age clients turning down a $500,000 deal, playing another year in college, and accepting a new deal worth as much as $2 million.

3. Abraham Lincoln as a giant Dr. Manhattan terrorizing the White House.

4. Superman riding Devil Dinosaur, by Joe Quinones.

*Previously: Batman is jealous of Superman's dinosaur.

*Buy the Watchmen "Vietnam" army patch at eBay.

Flying Monkeys, Ninja Bikers, and More

My favorite covers from the May 2009 Marvel Comics solicitations:

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #6 cover by Skottie Young

Ghost Rider #35 cover by Arthur Suydam

Destroyer #2 cover by Jason Pearson

And finally, I'm not sure if Skaar is being serviced, or menaced by a giant penis:

Planet Skaar Prologue cover by Alex Garner

You can see all of the Marvel Comics solicitations for May 2009 here.

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