Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mondo's poster for Drive

Poster by Ken Taylor for Drive. Mondo will have some on sale Thursday. Via.

*Buy Mondo posters at eBay.

The Old Republic pricing battle continues

Now it's $42 including shipping at Amazon. I'm hoping that publishing this will cause it to go even lower...

UPDATE: Didn't work - - the seller sold out of their copies. It's back up to $49 from Amazon.

Illustration roundup

One of the illustrations by Jillian Tamaki for an article on political sex scandals.

X-Men by Dan Hipp.

Super Mario posers by Olly Moss.

Plush Tetris pieces

Plush Tetris pieces by Denn Rodriguez for the upcoming Super Button Mashers show at OhNo!Arcade (aka OhNo!Doom). She has goods on sale at Etsy.

What movie is this t-shirt based on?

New t-shirt coming soon from Last Exit to Nowhere.

Illustration roundup

Sean Hartter imagined a movie based on my mascot.

The Avengers by Team Ninjaink.

Good Night by Digital Orgasm up for vote at Threadless.

Fairest #3 cover by Adam Hughes.

*Buy Cover Run: The DC Comics Art of Adam Hughes at Amazon.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Super simple way to use Facebook to promote your town

One tiny town in Switzerland found a fun (and entirely wholesome) way to promote itself on Facebook. Via.

Doctor Who wanted posters

Time Lords wanted posters by Fro Design Co on sale here.

Speaking of, I just watched my first episode of Doctor Who this weekend - - the Neil Gaiman-written episode The Doctor's Wife (which I bought on iTunes):

I'm hooked.

Zelda Zine

I've mentioned the Zelda Zine before - - it's now on sale.

And speaking of Zelda, here's off the charts adorable Wind Waker-style Zelda animation by Joel Furtado:

*Buy Legend of Zelda toys at eBay.

Illustration roundup

Illustration roundup by Koren Shadmi for the Washington Post. Koren has various prints on sale here.

New art by Josh "Shag" Agle's upcoming Animal Kingdom show at Corey Helford.

Illustrated history of Cable. (I particularly like the gun that shoots out more guns.)

*Buy Cable toys at Amazon.

Link roundup

1. Didn't work for me, but apparently you can play right in your browser the Alice: Madness Returns demo.

2. Speaking of video games, The Old Republic is $45 right now at Amazon. (Again, it's fascinating watching the algorithm work. When I started writing this post, a third party seller was offering the $45 (with shipping) rate. And just after I published, Amazon, which had been selling it for $53 matched the $45 price.)

3. Oreos had to stop being Oreos to succeed in China. Via.

4. Cool video of remote control planes modified to look like flying people. A marketing stunt, of course.

Intriguing Tanline

Hawaii 5-0 advertisement by Bleublancrouge.

*Previously: Temporary suntan tattoo.

Link roundup

1. Modder's Guide: Planescape: Torment.

2. Grantland's suggestions for improving the Pro Bowl.

3. Artist copies of Mondo's Adventure Time posters are on sale right now.

Help turn Clay Morrow's Lego anatomy model into a mass-produced set

As you may have heard, Lego has a program where people can vote on designs to be turned into official sets. I featured Clay Morrow's anatomy skeleton way back, and he's posted it for vote.

Now I'm trying to convince him to get Superbrothers on board so he can submit his Sword and Sworcery Scythian. I'll buy that in a second.

I don't understand Threadless's Comics On Tees line

New monkey-themed t-shirts designed by Allred, Samnee, Coover, and Francavilla - - some of my favorite artists. But designs like these look terrible on t-shirts.

Illustration roundup

Locations from The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and other pop culture favorites star in Tim Doyle's new show opening Thursday at Spoke Art Gallery. The first 100 guests at the opening receive a free print.

Phantasms of Space by Francesco Francavilla, available as a print.

Dinosaur poster by Dave Perillo on sale as described here.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to turn a plastic bag into a jellyfish

Instructions for turning a water bottle and a plastic bag into a jellyfish. Via.

*Find dozens of easy papercraft projects here.

Comic book review roundup

1. Batman: The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder, Jock, and Francesco Francavilla: Jock's covers and Francavilla's interior illustrations (especially his colors!) are terrific. But the story's a lackluster rehash of Batman stories I've read many times before, and if all of the issues had been drawn by Jock (he drew about half of the issues), I wouldn't have even bothered finishing it. Certainly not bad, but it's been grossly overpraised by critics (or the praise reflects how terrible the vast majority of comics were in 2011).

2. Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba: Why are all the good non-super hero comics emotionally devastating? If that's what you're looking for, you'll enjoy this. I'm not looking for misery in my recreational reading.

3. Ultimate Comics Avengers: Blade vs. the Avengers by Mark Millar and Steve Dillon: I love everything by Steve Dillon, and this was no exception. Really fun.

4. Hellboy Volume 11: The Bride of Hell and Others: Just the latest solid collection of Hellboy short stories illustrated by various all-stars. Hellboy in Mexico, illustrated by Richard Corben and starring a battle between Hellboy and a demonic luchador, is the standout.

5. X-Force: Sex and Violence, Deathlok Nation, and The Dark Angel Saga, Book 1: I loved, loved, loved The Apocalypse Solution, so I went and bought every other collection I could find. These were all fine, but none were great. I found Deathlok Nation to be more confusing than fun, and I never cared for the Age of Apocalypse storyline or character designs (Wolverine especially looks like an idiot), so it was tough to enjoy The Dark Angel Saga too much.

Cat food for mutant cats?

Cat food advertisements by Hermandad that are highly reminiscent of Casey Weldon's paintings.

Illustration roundup

The Physical Kids find a clock tree - - art by Christopher Shy based on Lev Grossman's The Magicians.

Illustration by Frank Quitely (who was interviewed about it) for Star Wars Art: Comics, which is half off at Amazon.

The Cycle by Brian Despain.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Link roundup

1. Use Google Alerts as an Identity Theft Watchdog.

2. Relatedly, find out how old Google thinks you are.

3. And here's one more: Ever since the big Google Reader change, the "explore" function has been useless - - I used to find lots of neat links there, but now it just shows me Lifehacker and XKCD posts (and I'm already subscribed to those feeds!). I'm guessing that the Explore feature never points to obscure, cool posts any more because it's now reliant on Google+, and no one uses Google+ to mark blog posts they like.

4. Visit The Village from The Prisoner on Google Maps.

5. Free download of an audiobook version of Cory Doctorow's Martian Chronicles.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Facehugger victim paper toy

Facehugger victim paper toy available for download.

*Buy Alien toys by Neca at eBay.

Link roundup

1. Moonbot Studios' animated film The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore is currently a free download at iTunes. (The same studio made the interactive primer The Numberlys that I mentioned earlier this month.) Thanks for the heads up, Charles.

2. Packaging for chocolates, featuring pin-up girl illustrations. Via.

3. Joe Quinones posted an alternate design for the Mary Jane as Venom cover I posted the other day.

4. A teacher describes what's it like when MTV's Made is filmed.

Vice presents crazy party stories

VICE and Project X's Party Legends present animated versions of wild memories by Snoop Dogg and Nick Swardson. Snoop's is NSFW.

Relatedly, Has The Internet Discovered The Exact Day Featured In Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day"?

You can preorder Ron English's Fat Tony

Ron English's Fat Tony is available for preorder at the BBTS. (OK, last time I mention the toy.)

Plush Judge Death

Plush Judge Death by TADO and Bigshot Toy Works for Corgi. Via.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Plush Chewbacca

Plush Chewbacca by Denn Rodriguez, who has goods on sale at Etsy.

Watch Jon Stewart lose a pushup contest...

to Paula Broadwell for charity. Via.

Luc Besson's Lockout looks terrific

New trailer for Lockout, which is basically Luc Besson's remake of Escape from NY. Via.

Vampires advertise Audi's new car

The rare commercial that's very funny and actually tells you something notable about the product.

Homemade Wheatley personality sphere from Portal

Wheatley personality sphere made by Sabretooth and on sale at eBay.