Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Todd McFarlane explains the current toy market

From a longer interview:
the world sort of shifted a few years back. Where we use to be able to do almost anything with not only the Spawn stuff, but we did the twisted fairy tales and twisted Christmas, and Clive Barker and I came up with the Tortured Souls. We use to be able to do all this cool stuff, right. But there used to be the stores that would buy that on a regular basis. You had stores like Suncoast, Tower Records, Virgin Records, and stuff like that. And all of that made complete sense. But now those stores have either amalgamated, disappeared, or gone bankrupt. And those options of doing some of that cool stuff have been limited over the years. I mean, much to my chagrin, as I’m as big a monster, creep fan as there is. And the chances of getting it into the Walmarts and K-marts of the world are getting harder, because they are a little more risk adverse.