Friday, February 7, 2014

Link roundup

1. "Tonga's Olympic Luger Is An Underwear Marketing Stunt...everything about him—from his background to his biography to his very name—is the whole-cloth creation of an underwear company."

2. "Gary Oldman admits studio leaked their own RoboCop 'spy’ photos."

3. Techdirt:
However, soon after I read the Cracked version, a few others sent over a post on Spose's own blog, in which he notes that Cracked totally misrepresented the piece as if it was written by Spose himself, when really he'd just been interviewed for it and most of it was written by a Cracked writer -- who also added in a ton of lame jokes. Spose reposted a version without the lame jokes, highlighting the bits he actually wrote himself. Amusingly, there's a bit of symmetry here between the way Universal Music treated Spose and the way Cracked did -- in which they don't seem to trust him to speak in his own words, but feel the need to mold and shape the product for their audiences.