Friday, February 21, 2014

"I'll tell you the story of Nathan. The monster under the fridge"

He lives in the shadow beneath the fridge, waiting for children and other little kids. The terrifying beast with hands like a child leaves finger prints on the door in true monster style." He told her, wiggling his fingers in a creepy fashion. She giggled with terrified glee. "Nathan is a sneak. He leaves hand prints on the fridge so the little kids get in trouble. And when daddy gets upset, he sends the little girl or little boy to clean their finger prints off, and--HE GRABS YOUR FEET AND PULLS YOU UNDERNEATH!" He exclaimed, tickling her.

"What's he do with the little kids he takes?" She asked, curious.

"He skins them and makes a little kid suit out of them so he can escape from underneath the fridge." He told her.

"Gross." She said, making a retching motion.

"Did you know your little sister was stolen by Nathan?" He asked, pretending to be serious.

"No she wasn't." Boston said in disbelief.

"You can tell because the skin suit doesn't fit very tight." He added, calling to Boston's little sister, Emily. Emily came running in on stubby little legs and climbed up on daddy's other knee. "Okay. Watch closely and you'll see that your little sister is really Nathan in disguise." Her father told Emily to sit very still. He placed his hand on her scalp and pulled it forward and back making it slide back and forth across her skull.

"Ahhh! Stop, Daddy. Stop!" Boston called, crawling away from her sister. He kept doing it.

"Ooo! Nathan's going to get you." He sang in an eerie voice. "Nathan's going to come out and get you." Emily looked up at her father in irritation and tried to pull away. "The only way to make Nathan come out is like this." He said, licking his finger in preparation for a wet willy. Boston started laughing. Emily looked very angry. He got the finger closer and closer to Emily's ear. "Okay, Nathan. COME OUT!" He called, sticking his wet finger in Emily's ear.