Friday, May 16, 2014

Link roundup

1. Milwaukee Brewer Carlos Gomez googled "rich people conversations" to come up with conversational topics.

2. LA Times:
A massive manhunt, involving SWAT teams, K9 units, and hundreds of other officers, brought a swath of the mid-city area to a halt. Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck reported to a shocked public that the officers had been lucky to escape with only minor injuries. 
The ambush, Beck said, had been "a blatant attempt to assassinate two of the people who protect this community." 
Now, however, a report by LAPD Inspector General Alex Bustamante has concluded the attack may have never occurred.
3. "The idea for Doritos was conceived in Disneyland":
The restaurant was located in Frontierland and served standard Tex-Mex, with every meal boasting a complimentary bag of Fritos. The restaurant was a hit, but it didn’t make its own tortillas, a job which was contracted out to Alex Foods. It was a salesman from Alex Foods who saw discarded tortillas at Casa de Fritos and told the cook he should fry them up and make tortilla chips out of them, rather than just throw them out. Because tortilla chips weren’t yet made by Fritos, and Fritos themselves were given out with the meals, Casa de Fritos hadn’t thought to offer them like other Mexican restaurants did.

The cook did as he advised and used his own special blend of seasoning and the chips were a hit. The restaurant put them on the menu as a regular item but didn’t inform the Frito Company of the change.

About a year later, in 1961, West walked by the restaurant on a family vacation and noticed the chips. He was then the vice president of marketing for the company and felt like he had stumbled upon a goldmine. When he returned to work, he pitched the idea of selling packaged tortilla chips—a happy medium between Lay’s thin potato chips and Fritos’ thick, curly corn chips. His bosses weren’t initially convinced.