Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"The more [game developer] Red Fly learned about Clone Wars’ Darth Maul story, the more the team wanted to distance itself from it."

From Game Informer's lengthy look at the failed Darth Maul video game:
The initial plan was to explore making a stealth game that was action-centric. So instead of a stop-and-wait game like Thief, it was more forward stealth, like kill that person before they can actually alert someone, then disappear into the rafters. We also started developing the concept of Maul as a glass cannon. Taking our cues from Arkham Asylum, you are insanely -powerful and deadly, but one or two hits will take you out.”
Before it was ultimately canceled (due essentially, according to the article, George Lucas's bizarre demands), 80 people were working on the game.