Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"a Mormon millionaire wants to build an expansive, self-contained community [in Vermont] based on a vision from the father of the Latter-Day Saints movement"

NewVistas is a scheme to build a sustainable, high-density city in rural Vermont, one that, if built as planned, would hold about 3 percent of the state’s current population. Its developer is David Hall, a Mormon entrepreneur who claims that he discovered, in 1973, a set of design documents from Joseph Smith dating back to the 1830s. This blueprint scroll outlines a community, one square mile in size, that houses 20,000 people.


Within the community, each person will be allotted just 200 square feet of living space, but apartments will be soundproofed, with Roomba-sized robots that rearrange furniture for different needs and times of day. Each robot, Hall says, will move quickly, “then go right back into its nest.” Furnishings and possessions not being used will be stored inside 4-by-4-foot boxes that are integrated into the apartment floors and electronically move up and down as needed.