Wednesday, June 20, 2018

"The Koreatown Neighborhood Council Election Was Bonkers"

The election has become a source of tension within the Los Angeles community, prompting the spread of misleading information online and a fair share of confusion.

Despite flyers implying that Little Bangladesh residents were attempting to expand their borders and alter Koreatown's boundaries, the vote was actually to decide whether to split the existing Koreatown-area neighborhood council in two.


That community participation could even be decided by a “two-receipt” rule. Under this rule, anyone who presented two or more receipts from Koreatown businesses from two separate dates was able to cast a ballot, according Sandra Mendoza from the city clerk's office.

"In lieu of receipts, some businesses drafted letters to provide to their customers stating that the voter was a frequent customer," Mendoza said. "These letters were accepted by the City Clerk."