Sunday, June 10, 2018

"Disneyland plans? How we rode 17 attractions in one day, with time to spare, using apps as our guide"

is this one app enough? In our experience, no.

That’s why we turned to the popular app Lines. It’s from the creators of The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland and the related website The app recommends which rides to see, in what order, to minimize time in line, based on historic data and your group’s preferences. Lines is free, but requires an annual subscription to use two of its more powerful features: real-time attraction wait times and a calendar that forecasts overall crowds at each of the parks on any given day.


The official Disneyland Resort app also has an premium upsell within it for a newer feature called MaxPass.


The Lines app asked us to select how fast we walk, whether to minimize waiting or walking, if we’d be using a MaxPass, or if we had a FastPass runner who’d scamper and get our physical kiosk FastPass reservations while the rest of our group hoofed it to the next attraction. We chose “average,” “balance,” “no,” and “no.” We also decided not to include meal or break times, assuming we’d snack while in motion.