Tuesday, May 21, 2019

"Having two dogs at once is way harder than having one dog twice"

Drew Millard:
Most millennials exist in a liminal space between adolescence and “adulthood” as previous generations understand it. They’ve aged out of partying as hard as they did in their early 20s, but since they’re largely behind schedule when it comes to things like having and rearing children, they’ve got a relatively high amount of free time that’s offset by a relatively low risk tolerance that keeps them from doing the dumb, reckless stuff that teens and college students do, especially if they’re uninsured.

This, I am willing to theorize, has led to a class of ostensibly adult humans who drink craft beer outside during the day, smoke legal weed and/or take light amounts of psychedelics while talking about books with their friends, are really into home decor, and are more than willing to funnel dozens of hours into watching good-ish TV shows exclusively airing on one of the five streaming services on which they use their parents’ or ex-significant others’ login. I don’t really have any evidence to back all of this up, but Game of Thrones is popular for a reason, and it’s not because it’s good.

Anyways, the other big side effect of this socioeconomic holding pattern is that everybody gets a dog.