Thursday, May 16, 2019

Interview with Masters of the Universe movie concept artist William Stout

I still have nearly all of my MOTU art - over 100 pieces. I keep the art I produce on every film that I work on. I offered to let my art be used in the MOTU art book - but Mattel told me that if my work was to be in the book, I’d have to relinquish my copyrights to the work - for free!

That’s why my art is not in the book.


I hate the stormtroopers. To me, they’re no different from the Star Wars Stormtroopers - except that they’re black instead of white. Completely embarrassing. They were designed by [someone else]. I should have fought harder to change their design. Everything else in the film, though, is pretty darn original.


I actually came up with lots of alternate Shocktroop designs but I was overruled.


The production was often pretty hilariously chaotic. It was usually so screwed up that it was almost impossible for me and my art department to be late on anything.
The figures based on his designs should be in stock soon.