Friday, November 1, 2019

"On YouTube, palettes are grounds for fan wars in 2019, and the stakes are high: for the YouTubers behind them, there’s big money to be made"

James Charles’ primary palette sells for $39, and he claimed to sell out of the initial run in five minutes when it debuted in November 2018. Dawson and Star’s palette is even more expensive. The full 18-shade palette will sell for $52 when it goes on sale Friday, November 1st, and a nine-shade palette will sell for $28. They will also sell a $90 bundle of six lipsticks. Fans who want the entire collection, which also includes lip gloss, lip balm, and a bag, can get it in a package for $210.

Their “Conspiracy” palette could generate $17.5 million through in-store revenue sales and another $17.5 million on Star’s website, according to Morphe executives who talk about potential sales in the documentary series, as well as Star’s own calculations. Those figures sound huge, but Dawson and Star have a combined 39 million YouTube followers.


Fans of Dawson and Star flooded Charles’ YouTube page to insult his work, including his palette and videos.


Nearly every major beauty vlogger and guru has a makeup palette these days. And for several top beauty YouTubers, those palettes are made by the same company: Morphe, a decade-only brand that describes itself as being “created for the creators.” The company has partnered to distribute palettes with YouTubers including Jaclyn Hill, Charles, Star, and now Dawson. That means, regardless of who wins this season’s palette battle — Charles or Dawson — Morphe gets a slice.