Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The plot of A New Hope as a dungeons and dragons session

From a very long summary:
Leia is definitely an NPC the party is supposed to care about.

I think obi is also an NPC. But a stronger one that is there to save them if they get into trouble.

Players are Luke, Han, Chewie and C3P0.


The others come up with a simple plan to sneak to the Princess. They do really well up until the failed deception roll up at the prison guard station.

They rescue the princess but are trapped. DM has put in an escape but the party doesn't see it. Eventually DM gets fed up with no one looking for it and had the princess grab the gun, and shoot the vent to escape.


Obi hasn't been needed, and to show how cool Luke could be later with the OP homebrew class Obi and Vader fight. Rolls are pretty low and the fight isn't all that impressive. Obi heroically sacrifices himself, for no reason other than to stop the fight lasting forever.

They make it to the rebel base, and because it's "what his character would do" Han tries to take all the money and run.