Friday, September 11, 2020

"Brazilian evangelical politician accused of masterminding husband's 'barbaric' murder"

The Guardian:
The celebrity congresswoman, who congregants and fans call simply Flordelis, claimed her husband – with whom she had famously raised more than 50 children – had been slain by thieves.

But allegations of a bizarre and lurid family plot to murder the evangelical preacher emerged on Monday as police arrested five of Flordelis’ children and one granddaughter for involvement in the crime.


Local reports alleged the conspiracy began in May 2018, when scheming relatives began secretly spiking pastor Anderson’s food with arsenic. It ended just over a year later, in the early hours of 16 June 2019, when the preacher’s body was riddled with bullets at the couple’s home in NiterĂ³i, a city near Rio.

In the intervening period newspapers claimed there were at least five other failed or aborted attempts on his life, either by poisoning his food and drinks or staging robberies.


Do Carmo’s grisly murder – he was reportedly shot more than 30 times, predominantly in the groin and thighs – made nationwide headlines and has continued to do so since.

Brazilian newspapers have published a succession of sensational allegations, including that the evangelical couple frequented a swingers club
That's the more restrained summary of what should be Netflix's next "Tiger King." For more lurid details.