Friday, September 25, 2020

The funny explanation for why a Celtics player is nicknamed "Timelord"

Part of the explanation:
The nickname stems from conversations between Twitter power users the Riffs Man (@HerbertofRiffs) and Brian Schroeder (@Cosmis) that started well before the Celtics selected Williams with the 27th pick of the NBA Draft. Schroder, who scouts players, clued the Riffs Man in on Williams back when he played with Texas A&M, which later evolved into a running joke about Ainge drafting him which – of course – actually ended up happening.

Williams fell in the draft partly because there were questions about his health and partly because there were questions about his makeup. When Williams overslept and missed his introductory press conference call the day after being drafted. Then he proceeded to be MIA for his first day of Celtics practice after failing to catch his plane on time, the local sports media went all in on him. The Timelord nickname came about not as a way to make fun of Williams but rather as a way for the pair to mock how the media turned the incidents into huge scandals.

“So, Brian called him Timelord and I turned him into like a Funkadelic character where the explanation for why he's late for things and how I predicted his coming is that he's trans-navigating multiple timelines,” the Riffs Man explained in a DM conversation.
Williams had never really been a big fan of the nickname, but he knows there isn’t much he can do about it.