Thursday, September 10, 2020

Police chief of Connecticut’s largest city arrested on federal charges that he conspired to rig the hiring process for his position

According to a criminal complaint in Connecticut, [the city’s acting personnel director] gave confidential examination materials in advance to Perez, including the grading criteria and oral examination questions, and tailored the scoring criteria in Perez’s favor. Perez, investigators said, also had two police officers secretly take the written exam for him.

[The city’s acting personnel director] also instructed officials to eliminate a scoring penalty imposed if the candidates did not have a bachelor’s degree, the complaint said. Perez was the only applicant without one, authorities said.


[The current mayor] a close friend of Perez’s, served nearly seven years in prison himself after he was convicted of corruption for steering city contracts in exchange for private gifts during his first tenure of Bridgeport mayor, which ran from 1991 until his resignation in 2003.

He was released from prison in 2010 and elected mayor again in 2015, after apologizing and asking residents for a second chance.
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