Thursday, October 15, 2020

New Barnyard Commandos toys with 30 points of articulation? A playable Dragon's Lair arcade cabinet that's only 12" tall?

Listings that seem improbable. But the Barynard Commando figures are sculpted by original designer James Groman, and claim "26-30 Points of articulation." (Each accessory might count as articulation?)

And the Dragon's Lair cabinet:
Aside from the beautiful cabinet and the amazing game, this set includes a unique mini replica (non-functional) LaserDisc player, complete with tiny remote control and mini LaserDisc in a sleeve! Overboard? Yes. Incredible? Definitely!

The Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade is a fully playable miniature arcade cabinet with PlayScale joystick and arcade buttons, which runs the original arcade ROM to provide an authentic arcade gaming experience.

Every detail in these amazing works of arcade art has been painstakingly reproduced, including the wooden cabinet in perfect profile, control panel with reproduced PlayScale controls, illuminated marquee and cabinet accents, diecast metal coin door with a secret stash box, and professionally reproduced cabinet artwork.

The Dragon’s Lair x RepliCade has been designed in perfect one-sixth PlayScale to match your collectible figures, and fit perfectly on your bookshelf, bar, or desk. This collectible is officially licensed by Digital Leisure and features the original cabinet artwork and arcade ROM from the arcade classic Dragon’s Lair.