Monday, October 5, 2020

Return of the Jedi poster concept by Jock; Columbo's anime nephew; Sudden biblical horror

Full resolution and aurebesh text translation on youtube: The archives are now complete. An animation of lofi Ahsoka is finished) I've done it with a great help of @loganhimango, biggest thanks to him!) Btw, I fixed the original artwork a little bit for this (nothing too drastic, just some details and Ahsoka's proportions), so if anyone needs it - here's the link: So, aside from fixing the art, I did the underpainting, animated all of the background (rain, droplets, lights, twilight, everything), and I also did all the screens animations. Nothing too complicated, but a bit tedious and time consuming. Logan did the most precious part of the work - he animated Ahsoka and the loth cat (and plant), and I really love how it turned out)) Though I adjusted them a bit to fit the comp, he did most of the work with them) Curiosly enough, I had absolutely no experience in animating before, I was basically learning everything on the fly, just driven by inspiration) Took me a while, but I'm really proud of it) Hope you enjoy it) #art #starwars #starwarsart #clonewars #ahsoka #ahsokatano #ahsokafanart #ladytano #snips #ahsokatanoart #animation #lofi #lofiart #lofianimation #lofigirl #clonewarsart #clonewarsfanart #fanart #illustration #animatedillustration
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