Thursday, October 15, 2020

The unfolding scandal in Alaska reads like a season of Twin Peaks

Anchorage Daily News on a scandal that so far has involved a mayor that's already resigned, a troubled reporter, and a gossiping mother that was badly mistaken:

“I said something like: ‘I’m not his biggest fan either, I believe my daughter was trafficked a few years ago and he was one of her customers.’ ”

At the time, Blakeley believed what she was saying was true, she said.

Two years ago, she learned her daughter, then 18, had been posting on websites such as “SeekingArrangement,” which primarily connects men with younger women for “sugar daddy” relationships. Worried, she asked about her daughter’s clients.

The way Blakeley says she remembers it, her daughter told her a favorite client was a “short man” in Anchorage who worked in government.