Saturday, October 3, 2020

This week's best wargaming miniatures

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Hi all, after seeing that a new Blood Angels codex is on the horizon I got a little over excited and decided to take a break from churning out Necrons to do a fast colour test for a potential army. Obviously this scheme is heavily influenced by @migsula and his wonderful Blood Angels. I tried to simplify the stages for this guy and make it fast but visually striking. Here is how I did it- Leaving the helmet separate i undercoated the model with chaos black spray then went over that with retributor armour spray. The helmet was sprayed leadbelcher. For the armour I washed blood angels red contrast and then flesh tearers red contrast all over straight from the pot. Then I blocked out all weapons and ribbing with leadbelcher. These areas where then washed with basilicanum grey. Then the weapon casings where washed with 2 coats of black templar. I then lightly sponged silver over the armour in selected places. Then I went in with a brush to chip up the armour some more. The helmet was overbrushed a few times with liberator gold then washed with nazdreg yellow contrast. Then I used a bit of thinned wyldwood to shade the recesses of the helmet. Eye lenses and purity seals was kabalite green, sybarite green then gauss blaster green. The transfers were sealed with a 50/50 mix of lhamian medium and gloss paint so it didn't dull the red metallic effect. Snow was valhallan blizzard with aethermatic blue washed in some areas. There you go! Red has always been a notoriously difficult colour to paint especially quickly on mass. I'm quite happy with the result here and applied to batch painting I should get through the squads quickly 🤞 What do you think? Should I go for it and do some more? My only reservation is that my older brother Dave collects Blood Angels as well....😬🤫 #warhammer #warhammer40k #40k #paintingwarhammer #warhammercommunity #miniatures #tabletop #spacemarines #bloodangels #ageofsigmar #gamesworkshop #gw
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