Wednesday, November 18, 2020

"College Student Behind A Massively Popular Paint-Mixing TikTok Page Was Fired From Sherwin-Williams"

Sometime in March or April, [he] said he began assessing his TikTok account as "as a marketing opportunity for Sherwin-Williams." He created a pitch deck "to show the company how TikTok has a younger base" and "to basically develop brand awareness through TikTok."

He said he presented the pitch to his manager and a sales rep at the store, who "loved" it, and he was given a contact in the marketing department of the company's headquarters.

"I emailed [the marketing contact] about two or three times, I even reached out to him on LinkedIn. It took two months to get a response from him," [he] said. "He basically told me that there wasn't really any promotions going on so there wasn't a need to see the presentation."

However, a month later, he received a call from the "loss prevention" department about his social media account.