Thursday, November 12, 2020

Amazon has a weight-sensing Smart Shelf that automatically orders goods when it senses inventory is low

The Dash Smart Shelf comes in three sizes that all cost $19.99:
Setting up Dash Smart Shelf is easy. Power on the device using the four AAA batteries, connect to Wi-Fi with the Amazon Shopping app, and then log in to your Amazon Business or personal account via the Amazon Shopping app to choose the product you want to reorder and customize your preferences. When it’s time to restock, Dash Smart Shelf can perform one of two functions: it can place a replenishment order for you automatically, or it can send you a notification when supplies are running low. You can also check on stock levels any time through the Amazon Shopping app. Dash Smart Shelf’s smart reordering technology helps prevent accidental reorders when you temporarily move or remove items from your device. You can also easily change the products, sizes, flavors, and more for items replenished from your Amazon Business account in the Amazon Shopping app. 
Speaking of Amazon:
Amazon’s warehouses have more costly workplace injury claims than meatpacking or logging, Washington state says

To reflect the greater risk of injury to workers inside Amazon’s high-speed e-commerce warehouses, state officials propose charging the commerce giant a higher workers’ compensation premium for its fulfillment centers than for mechanized logging operations, law enforcement agencies, meatpacking plants and more than 260 other Washington industries.