Saturday, November 14, 2020

At some point there's going to be specific biometric data from athletes showing the impact of Covid19, right?

A 2016 article from Bleacher Report:

a sports science consultant for many NFL teams over the last few years, watched a pair of receivers sweat their way through a training camp session in 2015. One receiver was a celebrated veteran, the other a speedy young up-and-comer. Both wore high-tech sensors that monitored their heart rates, body temperatures and physical stresses during the intense practice. The sensors confirmed that the stress data for each receiver was roughly equal: Practice was just as hard for both of them.

A July 2020 article from the Hollywood Reporter:

The NBA collects data from wearable devices, which measure “movement information (such as distance, velocity, acceleration, deceleration, jumps, changes of direction, and player load calculated from such information and/or height/weight), biometric information (such as heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature, blood oxygen, hydration, lactate, and/or glucose), or other health, fitness, and performance information.” Through traditional methods or wearable technology, the NBA also collects data on breathing rate, bone density, body composition, GPS location, and neuromuscular function.

Years of marketing nonsense, or is there already precise data on how athletes have been impacted?