Thursday, November 5, 2020

Danish police and army personnel are going to help kill 17 million mink to stop the spread of a mutated form of coronavirus


Denmark is the world's biggest producer of mink fur and its main export markets are China and Hong Kong.


cases are spreading fast in Denmark - 207 mink farms in Jutland are affected - and at least five cases of the new virus strain were found. Twelve people had become infected, the authorities said.

Prime Minister Frederiksen described the situation as "very, very serious".


It's worth noting that all viruses mutate, something that doesn't necessarily mean they are more dangerous.


"It is normal for viruses to mutate or change over time. WHO works with networks of researchers, including evolutionary virologists, sequencing teams, and synthetic biologists to look at these changes," the WHO said in a statement to NPR.

The government has not released specific details on the virus variation.


"If Denmark believes this is serious enough to kill their entire mink population," [one expert] tweeted, "one would perhaps also conclude that this [is] serious enough to pass on the information about these mutations to scientists worldwide as quickly as possible to see if variants are found elsewhere."