Friday, November 6, 2020

Here's why "Destiel" flooded Twitter in the last 24 hours

DailyDot explains Destiel is not about Putin "retiring." Last night's episode of Supernatural featured the culmination of a popular fan ship:

I haven’t watched the last seven or eight seasons of Supernatural, so if you want informed analysis, you’ll have to go elsewhere. The thought of providing serious context makes me lose my remaining brain cells, for reasons that will soon become clear. Rather than watching the actual episode, most people are just reacting to this clip of Castiel confessing his love to Dean, which is hilarious for a number of reasons: the strained acting, the low production values, and most importantly, the fact that Castiel dies instantly after the confession.


Objectively speaking, this is the funniest possible resolution to the last 10+ years of Supernatural