Thursday, November 5, 2020

Pilot program in Jackson, Mississippi to connect Ring camera feeds to the "Real Time Crime Center"

“Ultimately, what will happen is residents and businesses will be able to sign a waiver, if they want their camera to be accessed from the Real Time Crime Center,” [the mayor] said. “It would save (us) from having to buy a camera for every place across the city.” 


Under the program, [the mayor] said, once a crime is reported, crime center officials will be able to access cameras in the area to determine escape routes, look for getaway vehicles and the like. 

“We’ll be able to get a location, draw a circle around it and pull up every camera within a certain radius to see if someone runs out of a building,” he said. “We can follow and trace them.”
Here is the response we received from Amazon in regards to this post: "[Amazon and Ring] are not involved in any way with any of the companies or the city in connection with the pilot program. The companies, the police and the city that were discussed in the article do not have access to Ring’s systems or the Neighbors App. Ring customers have control and ownership of their devices and videos ,and can choose to allow access as they wish."