Saturday, November 7, 2020

Venice's floodgates worked again; All of southern Australia's solar power was briefly provided by by solar panels last month; A Fleetwood Mac cover


Venice’s long-delayed flood barrier has saved the city from high tides for a second time.

The 78 mobile barriers of the Mose project were activated early on Thursday morning after forecasts that the tide would reach up to 135cm. Without the barrier, a tide at that level would have flooded half of the city, with the popular tourist attraction of St Mark’s Square usually bearing the brunt.


The state once known for not having enough power has become the first major jurisdiction in the world to be powered entirely by solar energy.

For just over an hour on Sunday, October 11, 100 per cent of energy demand was met by solar panels alone.


[Australian Energy Market Operator] is forecasting an additional 36,000 new solar rooftop systems will be installed in South Australia in the next 14 months.

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