Wednesday, February 9, 2022

A suggestion that Northern California sheriff's employees were involved in using guns slated for destruction to create ghost guns

Mercury News:

Federal and state authorities are actively investigating potential illegal gun possession and weapons manufacturing by a Contra Costa Sheriff’s volunteer who was allowed to take thousands of gun parts and ammunition from a department gun range, in apparent violation of state law.


The search warrant application came just weeks after this news organization reported that [the suspect] and other civilians and sheriff staff had been allowed to take ammunition and gun parts from the sheriff’s gun range for years, according to testimony of sheriff officials, including an internal affairs investigator who ultimately recommended the agency halt the practice. The weapons parts taken had been seized in criminal cases or turned over to police by concerned parties with the expectation that they’d be destroyed.


[The suspect] described many of the items as “garbage” and denied being “some kind of guns dealer.”


Three guns that once belonged to [the suspect] turned up in a 2015 murder investigation, when [his] brother-in-law...allegedly murdered his mother and brother