Wednesday, February 9, 2022

"Meet the hundreds of horse girls running Red Dead Online's kindest posse"

Lauren Morton for PCGamer:

 "Quarantine happened and a lot of people weren't able to see their horses," [she] explains. She was frequenting a Facebook group of horse-loving gamers at the time, and a post caught her eye. "Red Dead people were like 'let's have online trail rides!'" These horse riding groups were largely being led on consoles, so [she] decided to corral a group of PC players herself. "These are my people," she thought at the time. "I've gotta try it!"


Nearly two years later, The Rift Trails doesn't just have enough members for occasional horse meet-ups: its 1,690 horse lovers are holding well-attended trail rides in Red Dead Online every day of the week.


That first ride was an easy one meant as an introduction to the community for newer members. Other trail rides are Witcher-themed, with riders all showing up in their best Geralt of Rivia outfits. There are spooky true crime story time rides.