Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Positive drug tests for Russian and Iranian Olympians; South Korea's Garlic Girls each have a breakfast-themed nickname; the Dutch deny manipulating the ice


the 15-year-old Russian superstar who was expected to deliver her nation its third straight Olympic gold medal in women’s figure skating, practiced as usual Thursday, hours after reports that she tested positive for a banned substance [before the games].


Russian skaters in particular have a history of positive results dating to 2000


Iran’s only male athlete at the Beijing Olympics has tested positive for an anabolic steroid in the first confirmed doping case at the Games. 

The NY Times looks at South Korea's curling team, known as the "Garlic Girls":

They were the feel-good story of the Winter Olympics in 2018: young women from a remote farming county who catapulted South Korea to curling glory by winning its first Olympic medal in the sport.

Then, that same year, the team the Korean press had nicknamed the“Garlic Girls” (in a nod to the iconic produce of their region) shocked the country by accusing their coaches of verbal and psychological abuse.


After the Garlic Girls spoke out, there was an outpouring of other accounts of abuse


Because they all have the same surname, the Garlic Girls are also known as Team Kim. To differentiate themselves, each chose a nickname honoring their favorite breakfast food. Ms. Kim Eun-jung is “Annie,” the name of a yogurt brand. Kim Yeong-mi is “Pancake,” while her sister, Kyeong-ae, is “Steak.” Kim Cho-hi is “ChoCho,” a nod to chocolate cookies, which she loves to eat for breakfast. Kim Seon-yeong is “Sunny,” for sunny-side-up eggs.

The NY Times also looks at a Swedish speedskater's allegation that the Dutch are unfairly manipulating the condition of the ice:

Through four days of racing, ice conditions at the speedskating track have varied. Beijing’s National Speed Skating Oval, which is hosting the competition, is a new building, and because of the pandemic, the traditional test events that might have allowed foreign teams to familiarize themselves with it were not held. That has left [the head ice technician] and the other ice technicians trying to perfect the conditions in real time.

Some competitors have said the ice is slow and slushy — [an] American ... said on Monday that it was “workers ice,” suggesting that it takes more effort to win — even though Olympic records have been set in every race.

A few other Olympic stories:

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(He summarized what happened.)