Thursday, April 21, 2022

"A company accused of handing out fake results for hundreds of coronavirus tests will pay more than $20 million in a settlement"

LAT on a new company that I guess is expected to be able to pay off the fine:

More than 500 test results are “confirmed or suspected to be faked, falsified, or forged,” the attorneys wrote. In their complaints, they alleged Sameday would forge a negative result — at the direction of its CEO — when someone who had not gotten their result in time complained or threatened to report the company.

Sameday said in a statement that it was founded in September 2020 “to make fast, reliable COVID testing available to everyone.”


a physician who was accused of teaming with the company to get reimbursed by health insurers for medically unnecessary consultations, also agreed to pay nearly $4 million to resolve allegations of insurance fraud, the city attorney’s office said.

... an attorney representing [the doctor], denied any wrongdoing: “We settled the matter, but we do not believe that [he] did anything that was unethical.”